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Dragging your child to a dental appointment can prove to be a hassle, but we’d like to make it as positive of an experience as it can be. We know children aren’t always the most excited about coming to the dentist, and you may not be either, but talking with your child about the importance of proper dental hygiene and speaking with their dentist to ensure they’re following through on their habits is essential to helping make sure your child has a long-lasting and healthy smile.

We recommend dental cleanings every six months to prevent decay. For high-risk patients, we may offer cleanings every three months. Your child’s teeth will be cleaned and polished by our highly-trained staff. We will also go over proper brushing and flossing with you and your child.

Dental cleanings begin with a visual check of the teeth and gums. The hygienist uses a small mirror and scaler tool to remove plaque and tartar from the gum line and between the teeth. Your child’s teeth will be expertly cleaned and polished!

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