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Technology has improved countless aspects of the dental industry, and the power of digital is now being brought into X-ray technology. The actual process of receiving a digital X-ray is similar to that of a traditional X-ray.

In order for your dentist to take an X-ray, they will put a sensor into your mouth that will capture multiple images of your teeth. However, while you might not know the difference, this is where the similarities end.

Digital X-rays offer countless improvements over the results of traditional X-rays. After the sensor has taken an image of your teeth, it is instantly projected onto the office screen where your dentist can view it.

This fast process comes with many benefits. First and foremost, digital X-rays produce significantly less radiation. The equipment that’s utilized to take digital X-rays expose patients up to 90% less radiation compared to traditional X-rays. While conventional X-rays were already considered relatively safe, digital X-rays offer a huge improvement.

Since the process is fast, you’ll also spend less time in the dental chair, meaning you can get back to the things that matter much quicker. With digital X-rays, there’s no waiting for the film to develop. The digital sensor will develop the footage nearly instantly and then project it directly onto the screen.

This digital sensor will also produce higher quality images, and transferring digital images is simply that much easier. Plus, it’s all more environmentally friendly since everything is digital.

Are you interested in seeing the difference that digital x-rays in Austin can make? Schedule your child’s consultation today to learn more.

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